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My company doesn't allow apps, Will this work?
Yes. Unlike native apps, where you need to download and install from an app store, our progressive web apps are accessible through the internet via a mobile internet connection. This means our apps don't install on your device. Simply go to the URL or scan a QR code, save the icon to your home screen, and it will look and function just like a traditional app.
Are there hidden or additional fees?
Each additional conference is subject to an update fee, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional app. Yearly domain, hosting, and SSL certificate fees are in addition to app pricing. Ask about our available options.
Do I have to download anything from an App Store?
No. With our progressive web apps, there's no need to go through the traditional app stores.
Does the app work on any device?
Though no-one can guarantee functionality on every device, our apps have a proven track record working with a majority of mobile devices.
Are there customization options?
There are customization options. However, the key feature for our platform is to provide our clients with a straightforward, simple to use system with speed and ease of use in mind.
How are web and native apps different?
A web app lives on a web-based server and is accessible by adding the icon to your mobile device's home screen. No need to download anything from an app store, while it looks, feels, and functions like a native app. Native apps typically take longer to develop, need mutliple variations of code per platform, and are significantly more expensive to build. More and more, companies are moving away from native apps due to budget and time constraints. Plus our web apps are pretty cool.
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